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  1. ub5fdp: Интересно, накой ляд в австралии Навител? :shock: А смилинк подключен? :lol: ub5fdp, Smilink Doesn't work in Australia, and if it works.. i'm not going to use it, because i don't use it. I use Navitel because the freedom to edit & create my own map, thats all i need. and I'm happy. OldmanY, Could you put back the "Original Thickness of the Roads" to Skin Number 7443-01 ? Thank You
  2. OldManY, Thank You wonderful SKIN, I love it. I love the skin No: 7443-01 but the road is too "thin" I really love to see if you able to bring back the original "thickness" Thank You Very Much!
  3. Dear all, Sorry i couldn't speak Rusian. Since i live in Asia, i couldn't find PND with Navitel Navigator on it. So i bought "mio C320" PND. but i want to remove the Mio's Software and put Navitel Navigator on it. is it possible?? how to do it? mio C320 use WinCE 5.0 OS if possible, which NN3.2 version suitable for it? Where is the download link? Any help would be great. Thank You very much
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