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  1. нет. саманта вернула деньги на карту. Теперь вы имеете (теоретически) возможность опять же под тем же ID купить Навител и заново поставить на 5 устройств? да.
  2. Ну чтоже, получайте за ваши смайлики ))) Hello Denis, Samantha here from the iTunes Store. I understand you are requesting a refund for "Карта "Россия" " as it can only be used on five devices and you wish to use it on more than that. I know you must be looking forward to having this resolved. I would be happy to look into this situation for you. Denis, I have reversed the charges for this item. You should see a credit of $59.99, plus any additional taxes, posted to the credit card used to purchase this item in five to seven business days. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this issue Denis, please feel free to reply directly to this email. Thank you for choosing iTunes. Have a nice day! Sincerely, Samantha iTunes Store/Mac App Store Customer Support Please Note: S-T 4:30-11:30 PM (EST) Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you. First Name : Denis Last Name : Kurtenkov Lang_Country : en_US Product : iTunes Store Support Subject : Purchases, Billing & Redemption Sub Issue : In-app purchase limitation See additional info below What device did you use to connect to the store? iPhone Which operating system is installed? iOS 4.3 What version of iTunes is installed on your computer? iTunes 10.4 Choose the iTunes Store or App Store for your country: Other Please select your country: Russia Item title: Navitel (Russia) Order number: Details: Hi, Some days ago i downloaded a free version of Navitel program (Russia) from AppStore. Then I made an In-App Purchase to upgrade this program to full version for $59.99. After the purchase I found out that I can only activate this program on 5 iOS devices. I contacted technical support of this program and they told me that even if i delete the activated program from the first 5 devices i will never be able to activate it on a 6th device, or 7th device, etc. They recommend the only option of buying the program again, wich is impossible on my Apple ID account, because the program is registered as "purchased" there. Therefore i will have to create a new Apple ID account. I am extemely unhappy with such policy of the company that sells this program. I change iOS devices quite often and I don't want to constantly purchase the same program and have to make new Apple IDs - it is highly inconvenient and I was not informed that this would be the case before I purchased the app. Is there a way that I could somehow cancel the purchase of this program and have my money back or can I somehow delete the activation information on devices, where the program will no longer be used.
  3. перефразируем. все 5 активаций использованы. затем эти 5 устройств проданы/уничтожены/нет их больше. куплено новое устройство. что делать? как активировать?
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